Beranda / Investment Calculator
Dalam menggunakan kalkulator investasi ini, untuk menghitung nilai yang akan datang yang diperkirakan dari produk reksadana, Anda perlu mengetahui profil risiko Anda. Jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan di bawah untuk mengetahui profil risiko Anda.
Pertanyaan 1 : How old are you?
  1. Less than 24 year old
  2. Between 24 to 36 years old
  3. Between 36 to 49 years old
  4. More than 50 years old
Pertanyaan 2 : What are the objective of your investment?
  1. To obtain slightly better yield than time deposit
  2. To obtain regular income that can cover living expense
  3. To obtain regular income and investment growth at the same time
  4. To obtain maximum investment value growth in the long run
Pertanyaan 3 : For how long you plan to invest?
  1. Less than 1 year
  2. Between 1 to 3 year
  3. Between 3 to 5 year
  4. More than 5 year
Pertanyaan 4 : Currently, how much do you know about Mutual Funds?
  1. I still have no idea whatsover
  2. I know that to certain extent that Mutual Funds are different from saving and deposit accounts, and Mutual Funds have investment risk
  3. I know about Mutual Funds comprehensively, their mechanism, they types, and the differences among each type
  4. Not only I know about Mutual Funds comprehensively, but I also have experiences in investing into them
Pertanyaan 5 : What is the percentage of your regular income that you would be willing to set aside for investing into Mutual Funds?
  1. Less than 10%
  2. Between 11% to 25%
  3. Between 26% to 50%
  4. More than 50%
Pertanyaan 6 : How much investment loss would you be willing to take comfortably in the short term?
  1. 0%
  2. Less than 10%
  3. Between 10% to 25%
  4. More than 25%