Dana Lancar Syariah

NAB Per Unit


Kamis, 18 Juli 2024
1 Month 1 Year
0.37% 3.96%

Daily Performance Chart

Risk Level Low
Selling Fee None
Cost management Investment Manager: Max. 1.00% per Year
Custodian Bank: Max. 0.15% per Year
Purchase Fee None
Types of Mutual Funds Sharia Money Market
Portfolio Composition 100%
on Net Asset Value in domestic Islamic money market instruments and/or debt-based Sharia Securities with maturities of not more than 1 year.
Minimum Purchase Rp. 10.000,-
Switch Fee None
Investment Period Short-term

Explanation :

The table above is a brief feature of the product. For more details, please read the prospectus or Fund Fact Sheet for BNI-AM Mutual Fund Products.

Investment Objectives:

BNI-AM DANA LANCAR SYARIAH aims to provide a stable investment growth rate with minimal risk while at the same time obtaining a high level of liquidity to meet cash needs in a short time by investing in domestic Islamic money market instruments and/or Sharia debt securities that have a maturity of not more than 1 (one) year which has been sold in a Public Offering and/or traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and/or sharia deposits that do not conflict with sharia principles in the Capital Market.