BNI Asset Management won the award as “The Most Promising Company in Strategic Marketing”

Senin, 20 Mei 2024

BNI Asset Management won the award as  “The Most Promising Company in Strategic Marketing”
PT BNI Asset Management or known as (“BNI AM”) won an award at the event "The Most Promising Company in Strategic Marketing" at the 2024 BUMN Entrepreneurial Marketing Awards in the BUMN Subsidiary category organized by Markplus Inc. Marketeers. This award was received by Mr. Ade Yusriansyah as Operational Director of BNI AM at the Jakarta Marketing Week 2024 event which was held at the Grand Atrium Kota Kasablanka Jakarta, Wednesday (05/05/2024).

BNI AM as part of the BNI Group won this award because it was considered to have excellence in developing marketing strategies in the midst of a business environment that is struggling towards economic recovery, including digital transformation efforts in the marketing sector which includes aspects of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership as a form of contribution of BUMN subsidiaries to the progress of Indonesia.
"This award is a source of pride for us as well as the most beautiful gift for BNI Asset Management, which will celebrate its 13th anniversary on July 7 2024," said Ade Yusriansyah at the award ceremony.
"In line with our motto in 2024, namely "sustainable to excellence", the award as "The Most Promising Company in Strategic Marketing" is a manifestation of BNI AM's hard work so far," added Ade Yusriansyah.
One of BNI AM's strategic steps is to become a mutual fund leader in the index sector in the Indonesian mutual fund industry. This step began in 2017 with the formation of the BNI-AM IDX30 Index Mutual Fund (BNI30) which was successful in the market and occupied the second position in index mutual funds with the largest AUM in Indonesia.
The success of BNI30 was followed by the issuance of various types of index mutual funds tailored to customer needs. Until 2024 BNI AM has 8 index mutual funds which are members of the BNI AM Family Index, namely: 1) BNI-AM Index IDX30 Mutual Fund (BNI30), 2) BNI-AM Growth30 Index Mutual Fund (BNI30G), 3) Mutual Fund BNI-AM Sri-Kehati Class R1, 4) BNI-AM IDX High Dividend Index Mutual Fund20, 5) BNI-AM PEFINDO i-Grade Index Mutual Fund Class R1, 6) BNI AM IDX-PEFINDO Prime Bank Index Mutual Fund Class R1 , 7) BNI-AM Sharia Growth Index Mutual Fund and 8) BNI-AM Short Duration Bond Index class R1 Mutual Fund.
BNI AM continues to be committed to always maintaining and improving the best quality of service by having a professional investment team and having good Good Corporate Governance principles. "With this award, it is hoped that BNI AM can improve in providing services to its customers, both in terms of performance, products and services," concluded Ade Yusriansyah.