Handling Investor Complaints

In line with one of BNI Asset Management's visions to become a reliable and trusted investment management company, BNI Asset Management continues to strive to provide the best service for BNI Asset Management Investors.
Through the BNI Asset Management Investor Complaint Service, Investors are given the convenience of obtaining information, conducting transactions, and obtaining solutions to any problems from Investors.
PT BNI Asset Management Investor Complaint Services can contact the number below.
Customer Service +62 21 2996 9646

If you have a problem, as a customer, both related to services and products from BNI-AM, please contact Customer Complaint Handling immediately. State the full name of the Unit Holder, APERD name (if customer APERD), Single Investor Identification (SID), product name, email, phone, and so on. However, it should be noted that BNI Asset Management never asks for confidential data such as passwords or PINs (if there are online mutual funds).

After that, a check will be made on the system regarding the problem you are complaining about, then forwarded to the relevant section for handling. BNI Asset Management investors are provided with easy access to Investor Complaint Services, through Email:  customerservices@bni-am.co.id


Publication of complaint handling statistics can be found here